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Entities - Installation Text

George Harvey (b1987) completed his MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2023. He is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. Working across film, installation, photography and CGI, Harvey’s practice explores our complex relationship with experience and memory, the recording of energy, and the creation of meaning.

In 2019, Harvey welcomed his first child into the world. In the three years that followed Harvey experienced the death of six family members, including the death of both of his parents. In this overwhelming period of transition, joy, and deep personal trauma. Harvey found himself confronted with the ephemeral and ever-shifting nature of life and self.


Entities - Installation Text

Attentive to the preciousness of life, and to the value of the present, Harvey found himself contemplating the impact of living in a society that's preservation requires us to be distracted. A society that is built around industries that, in order to be successful, must stimulate our desires and keep us dreaming of tomorrow. Industries that have found the unwavering, excited attention of our minds to be a valuable commodity. What has followed for Harvey is continued research and a practice-based inquiry into the nature of time, and our experience of it. The nature of the mind, of being, and the way that our distinct existences come together and overlap to create relief, and the bliss of shared experience.

Harvey has spent a decade refining his craft as a photographer and filmmaker; an exploration in storytelling and image-making that facilitated an obsessive experimentation with light, and that has seen him work with, and be celebrated by, many of the world's most revered fashion brands and publications. This experience, along with more recent explorations into CGI, are put to work in Harvey’s inaugural exhibition: Entities, an LED video installation. Six portrait screens take on a sculptural quality as they stand side-by-side to create an overwhelming 3m x 12m wall of LED lights. Six dancers, each framed by one panel, emerge from unified noise. Each figure dances at different speeds in their respective screens. Each is beneath a single spotlight, but otherwise surrounded by a void of darkness.


Entities - Installation Text

This installation, an expressive, abstract landscape, is the result of a year spent working with over fifty dancers; capturing their movements on a high-speed camera. Harvey gave his collaborators limited direction: choose a song, position yourself under the light, suspend expectation, be present with the music. These fifty dancers became six, their movements have been digitally slowed and the music they listened to has been removed. The only sound that remains is that of the dancer's movement, an audio landscape that is the by- product of movement. This soundtrack of layered movement emphasises the moments in which the dancers’ rhythms appear to synchronise and align. In these moments the individuals transcend the frames they inhabit and become part of something else.

Through the exclusion of colour, the controlled use of light and the subversive use of LED panels - more at home on an advertising billboard than in an art gallery - Harvey asks us to look at the surface. There is a delightful simplicity to the grids of bulbs that emit varying amounts of energy in a dance that conjures images of stars exploding from a source. We are invited to think about the nature of all matter; to consider matter and life as energy vibrating at different frequencies. Entities is an ambitious exhibition that manages to be both monumental and tender. A thought provoking, melancholic love letter to life that asks us what it means to exist, and what it means to dance.


Photography, Cinematography, Edit, CGI, Sound and Installation by:
George Harvey

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